Our projects are aimed at addressing key challenges in the way of reversing climate changes are are focussed on :

1) Raising awareness: Creating a cultural shift, by educating the population on the gravity of the situation, and how to address it individually.

2) Facilitating action: Providing a platform for individuals to have immediate influence on reforestation and tree plantation.

3) Fostering a responsible future generation

Our main projects are:

  • Tree Planting – Restoring the planet through efficient reforestation
  • Teaching the teachers: Reaching out to as many people as possible to create a cultural shift
  • Child Education – Raising awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions and restore forests, through education of school children and adults

Tree Planting

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”Chinese Proverb

Climate Action Now has partnered with organisations to plant more trees to help capture carbon from the atosphere, and reverse the effects of damages caused in the last few decades.

To date, CAN has planted 30,000 trees via the project organisation

Teaching the teachers

This project focuses on delivering content to teachers by subject matter experts on Climate change.  These teachers will act as change agents by further spreading the knowledge to facilitate reduction in carbon footprint.

Child Education

One sure way of impacting behaviours of future generations is to instill right behavious while young. Our education programme is targeted towards educating children in a fun and engaging manner.

The project aims to reach out to as many kids as possible through promoting distributing ‘Lets’ save our planet’ among children across schools in UK.

The book -‘Let’s Save Our Planet’ – an illustrated climate change reader for kids, will educate children on the effects of climate change and inspire future generations to act responsibly to preserve the planet.

This facilitates positive change in consumption behaviours of children securing an responsible and conscious future generation